Watched is a new creation for the CAT (Centre for Advanced Training) Programme in Swindon.

Watched was created in the Spring of 2019 and will be the performed by the students in their Summer programme.

I had a blast making this with these fab young dancers

Here it what CAT Swindon student Liliom Valter had to say about the making of Watched…

“I worked with Wayne Parsons for a fantastic 4 day intensive in April 2019. His classes gave room for creativity and playfulness, and sometimes introduced a vocal element, such as sounds and breaths. Most of this was very new to me, and I believe it has helped me expand my artistic skills and abilities. His lessons were also very good at bringing the class together through different exercises that included responding to other people, which helped us feel very comfortable and open to one another.

We spent the afternoons creating a piece for our summer showcase, which was called ‘Watched’. During the process, he set many exercises for us, and encouraged us to make material which he included in the piece. He worked with us in groups, or helped us individually. We spent many hours making sure all the details were correct, but the end result was absolutely worth it”