We are passionate about working with the next generation of creative talents engaging with young dancers, actors, filmmakers and writers.

We offer an adventurous programme of learning aimed to inspire creativity, curiosity and experimentation. We showcase and platform the wealth of creativity in us all through highlighting and co-creating with dance, theatre, new writing and film enthusiasts.

What we offer

We deliver dance classes and workshops in schools, pre-vocational and undergraduate settings as well as for professional dancers and actors.

We collaborate on the creation of multiple original film works with young filmmakers. Working alongside Eastside Educational Trust we’ve mentored young cinematographers through the creation of content for our social media channels in addition to documentaries about the creation of our work. We have co-created many live performances pieces with a wide variety of creative organisations and communities across the UK and beyond.

Breaking into the industry

We know how challenging carving a pathway for yourself within the arts can be and we are passionate about giving access points into the creative industries.  We offer work placement opportunities  designed to develop professional skills, increase networks and gain invaluable experience in a professional working environment.


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