Lions and Tigers follows Dinesh Gupta’s emotional and political awakening as this extraordinary 19 year old pits himself against the British Raj. Culminating in actions that shook the foundations of the British Empire, Lions and Tigers challenges our assumptions about Indian independence and offers new insights into the battles between the British lions and the Bengal tigers. The play was performed at Shakespeare’s Globe from the 23rd August to 16th September 2017 directed by Pooja Ghai.

Lions and Tigers is part of the Festival of Independence, curated by Tanika Gupta at Shakespeare’s Globe. As we mark 70 years since Indian independence, this festival of theatre, music, poetry, comedy and dance shines a light on the fight for personal, political and artistic freedom.

Wayne Parsons worked on the production as movement director and choreographer.

Lions and Tigers is imbued with the vibrancy, colour and movement that make theatre a joy to watch.’

The Upcoming ★★★★

‘This ambitious, driving play… swings from dense history lecture to intimate storytelling, where Gupta’s writing is at its most playful and potent… friends and family spar and banter; this is where Gupta makes her sharpest and funniest observations about politics, gender roles and internalised oppression.’

The Guardian ★★★★

‘Rather than dwelling on partition’s effects, Tanika Gupta’s new play celebrates the spirit of independence that preceded it… she offers a fresh perspective on familiar history — and on well-known figures such as Nehru and Gandhi.’

Evening Standard ★★★★

‘Tanika Gupta’s new play… achieves balance, not spin… constantly reveal[s] both our capacity for cruelty and humanity.’

WhatsOnStage ★★★★