It’s not me… environmental report

During the recent creation and production of a new climate fiction work by VOXED, the company has been taking steps to better understand the environmental impacts of the working processes.

We worked with Marla King to collate data to submit via Julie’s Bicycle’s creative green tools to estimate the carbon footprint of our production of ‘It’s Not Me…’. Some additional steps were taken to understand more broadly the ecological impacts of the project, but recognise there is much more to do in collating this more holistic and qualitative information.

Part of this project also involved facilitating educational workshops on the climate crisis causes and impacts, as well as the role of artists in climate action, for freelance artists in the Newcastle area, and working with students at Dance City exploring the themes of the work.

This report will summarise some of the findings and learnings over this project, as well as outline suggestions for future actions to implement in order to embed more climate action within company processes.


You can find the report by clicking the button below.

It’s not me… review