Read: Melanie Smith on VOXED

Here at VOXED we had the pleasure of welcoming Falmouth University Student Melanie Smith into our studio during the 2019 R&D for Out Late and here is what she had to say…

“It was an absolute joy to shadow VOXED in their upcoming work ‘Out Late’. It was incredibly useful to observe the company’s devising process and each artist’s varying ways into the work – with an element of play always present in the studio. My time with the company has expanded and challenged my preconceptions of the choreographic processes used for physical theatre which, in turn, has furthered my own artistic practice immensely. Inspired by their process, this has then allowed me to create new work using what I have learnt in my time shadowing. The experience was thought provoking, inspiring and full of smiles and I cannot thank Wayne, Ffion, Katie, Ian and Ankur enough for making me feel so welcome and providing me with such an enriching experience. I absolutely recommend people to come and watch this stimulating, rebellious, innovative work.”

Melanie Smith.

Out Late- R&D and the process of creation
Workshops in Cologne 2019