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If you were unable to attend our talks with Environment Officer, Marla King, this November, don’t worry. We are sharing many of her resources for free so that VOXED can support you in achieving your eco-friendly aims.

If yourself or your organisation are interested in Carbon Literacy training or improving your environmental impact, these free resources are a great place to start.

These workshops were an opportunity for people working within the arts sector to learn and explore the powerful influence that arts can have in climate action, and why it is so crucial we take action in a way that encompasses values of climate and social justice. 

These workshops discussed the following topics:

  • The climate emergency – Science and human impacts of the climate crisis. Root causes of the climate crisis (connections between colonialism and the climate crisis, and discussing ‘green’ colonialism)
  • Climate action in different spheres – electricity, transport, buildings, agriculture and land use, waste, recycling, climate justice, intersectionality. 
  • What can we do in our sector/community? – audience engagement, environmental policy and action planning, understanding and engaging our spheres of influence, sustainable procurement etc. 


Click the image for resources included within Marla’s Climate Action Workshops

Click the image for the presentation slides from Marla’s Climate Action Workshops

Click the image for book recommendations, useful websites and engaging podcasts.

Please note, many of these resources were presented by Marla with extra context provided in person therefore, some information may seem out of place or missing, due to the vast subject matter discussed within the event.

To raise any questions or reflections surrounding these resources, or the content included, please get in touch at

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