A Vestige is the compelling, complex and emotionally charged work that was the company’s first collaboration with writer Ankur Bahl. A Vestige tells the posthumous story of the enigmatic Livia and is the shorter version of its companion piece Vestige.

Think about Marilyn Monroe, Amy Winehouse and Sylvia Plath. Think about how we experience these women today. We know these women through the memories of the people they met and the stories they share. Thats was the inspiration behind A Vestige.

A Vestige is based on the life of a fictional celebrity named Livia. Her memory is also kept alive in the stories told by those who knew her and in A Vestige we hear all about Livia from needy portrait artist Cath who knew Livia when she was alive. Their sexual connection and Cath’s deep rooted admiration for Livia cannot help but infect how she talks of her.

A Vestige was commissioned by Wiltons Music Hall and presented as part of Wilton’s Strike! Dance Festival 2016. A Vestige is one of the three monologues that comprise Vestige.