We have a new name!

Why change our name?

For a while now at VOXED we have been thinking about a name change… and we’ve finally done it! It seems there are some benefits to a lockdown and all planned projects screaming to a halt.

We have felt for some time that our name did not reflect the full spectrum of the work we do. We felt we needed a name that better represented the work we present on stage, on screen and the work we do with community groups and participants across the UK.

After careful consideration and consultation we decided to go with VOXED as the new company name.


We selected VOXED for a few reasons:

  • It reflects the multi-disciplined work we produce – dance and theatre come together in new ways to tell relevant stories
  • It feels contemporary- much like the work we produce
  • It nods to the use of the voice. Whether it’s our performers, participants or audience members we are keen to give all those that we work with a voice. Through the stories we tell we give a voice to peoples stories, our professional performers are given a voice through the inclusion of a script in the work we make and our participants and audiences members are given the space to share their creative voices through the projects we run

So there we have it… VOXED!

Where can you find us?

Our social media handles have changed. You can now find us at

Twitter: @we_are_voxed
Instagram: wearevoxed
Vimeo: wearevoxed
Youtube: VOXED

Where can you catch VOXED?

We are super excited about our first project as VOXED. We are partnering with original co-producers Stephen Joseph Theatre to bring you… #GOGGLEDANCE

Now on YouTube!
Audition for #goggledance